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KayJay's Story

Kayjay IS NOT YOUR Mama’s baker.


We’ve had enough of that uptight, fancy shmancy, family bakery experience. At Kayjay, we play with personality, color, and lots of liquor, honey! We create fun, beautiful, flavorful cakes that are guaranteed to be the life of the party! Kayjay, the lovechild of Kiara Jones and her Grandmother, provides traditional cake services with flair.


Cakes, Kayke pops, brownies, banana pudding, YOU NAME IT. We are willing to make custom desserts dependant on circumstance. If you want vegan options, sugar-free, gluten-free, or something that is not yet on the menu, donut be afraid to ask—we don’t bite, at least not without consent! Place your order today. Live life on the sweet side.